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NYO4 Software
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NYO4 is universal software system for a management binary files (dump).
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NYO4 Software
NYO4 is universal software system for a management binary files (dump)  and allows you this:
-read and show km from dump on NYO4 display window
-read and show LOGIN code (immo) from dump on NYO4 display window for many items in NYO4
-inserting new value to input window and direct rewrite dump with new value
-read and show security code from dump on NYO4 display window for carradios
-read and show security code from dump on NYO4 display window for carnavigations
-reseting error counter for many carradios
-deactivate carradio SECURITY system if it is possible (example systems like CODE,PROD,CanCheck,DISABLE,NATS,WAIT e.t.c.)
-inserting own notes into NYO4 database!!
-build own bridge connections between virtual directory in NYO4 with directory on HDD (for easy work on nyo)
-edit and manage binary files with internal binary editor HexEdit
-comparing 2 or 3 files (file size no limit) with many functions ,for many type binary files ,CompFile
-many next interesting functions
-nyo3 include big internal pictures database with many information,connections e.t.c. for easy work (in this time more than 1200 pictures)
-very powered search machine for searching items in NYO4,search for match algorithm for new or unknown dashboard (comparing with saved algos)
In this time NYO4 support next plugins :
-dashboard recalibration's
-carnavigation's decoding
-carradio decoding
For future is prepared next NYO4 databases:
-airbag crash data erasing   
-login code reader for ECU and dashboard login (IMMO.plugin)
-some next database,depend by customers requirement
 NYO use internal databases - PlugIn.
-PlugIn for dashboard recalibrations                                                                                                                               
-PlugIn for car Airbags resetting 
-PlugIn for car radio decoding
-PlugIn for car navigations decoding                                                                                                                                          
-PlugIn for car Immobilizer
Every database (PlugIn) including many items. Example: database dashboard include more than 700 dashboards,ECU,BSI,BCU,EZS,EWS e.t.c.
Every database item include next array's:
-picture array (count of pictures is not limited)
-NOTES array,for your own notes
-COMENTS,for universal notes and informations 
-NYO4 inside D-LINK bridge connection betwen virtual directory in NYO4 with directory on HDD (for easy work on nyo) 
Count of items in NYO system is not limited!!
NYO support next binary files :
-S19 specialny format PGMR5,(pouzival sa napr. u HC05E6 )
-RS1 (Rosfar subory ,po preklade HexEdit-om)
How to change km easy method:
First of all is neccessary open dashboard (or BSI,BCU,e.t.c.) and read dump from internal memory (eeprom ,processor ,flash ..).Next save dump to your favorite directory on HDD as new file (example file "300k-dash_00.bin" mark in next picture) and remember this place....Best way how make perfect order in dumps is same structure folders/files on dashboard as is used structure in NYO4 because in this case is easy way how improve function D-LINK* for bridge NYO file structure with file/folders structure on your HDD. Next run NYO4 .List for your dump on left NYO window (FileManager) .then mark this dump with mouse (dump will be highlighted with blue color). Go to right NYO window (select "DASHBOARD") and list for corresponding item.(If D-link was set before ,then use D-link for listing algorithm). NYO now showing on display actualy km state from your dump,eventually next important values from dump which is available for this type .
In case if D-LINK is used and set already for corresponding dashboard,is possible find right item (corresponding) algorithm in right window (CTRL+G) .If D-LINK is not set yet ,that list "by-hand" for corresponding algorithm and press CTRL+A for make D-LINK cross connection (bridge).
Display items are set individually for every item dashboard (eventually dashboard,BSI,BCU..... group)
By click with right mouse button to marked dump (example.300k-dash_00.bin) are opened menu ADJUSTMENT (adaption),items in this submenu are also  set individually for particulardashboard type (as is neccessary for this dash).
Insert new km and press ENTER (OK). 
Original dump is everytime saved,no changed anytime ! Automatically is made new dump (copy) with required (entered) km (some type is change with big tolerance ,its normally) .New dump use old name with" _00" extension ,next dum with _01 e.t.c..)
Now write new dump back to memory (is possible rename new dump with new name,use F2 key) In case if km are stored only in dashboard ,then km modifi in car is complette ,otherwise continue with same procedure with ECU,BSI ,e.t.c.
For more informations relations for coresponding dashboard look in COMMENTS window or (if you make in previous time) NOTES window. There (Notes) is possible insert all own data ,informations ,note's ,e.t.c.this data are saved also after update database (same as D-link setting are everytime saved).
Supported vehicles list:

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